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Veneers are a ceramic restoration treatment that are fixed to the teeth using adhesive techniques. They are employed in dental cosmetic treatments as a way to reconstruct a smile altered by discolouration, wear, narrow teeth, etc.

The main advantage over other type of veneers (composite) is that they do not age with time. Nowadays, thanks to advances in the manufacture of ceramic facings, we are able to carry out treatments which are much more respectful to the teeth while they are being rehabilitated or aesthetically improved.

Without requiring a complicated or painful intervention, and offering excellent results, putting in veneers is a much-sought reconstructive technique, above all in those cases where smile reconstruction is more complicated.

On occasions, the teeth require complete recovering - either because existing crowns ought to be replaced or because aesthetic or functional requirements make it necessary.

In the former, it is preferable to make totally ceramic crowns, with no internal metal structure so as to promote aesthetic integration.

These are made up of thin sheets of resin composite that are carefully placed and sculpted over the ungrounded tooth; and as a rule, with no need for an anaesthesic. They offer high-quality aesthetic results and have the great advantage of not being an invasive treatment since they do not weaken the dental structure.

When the patient decides to improve their smile smile with composite veneers, it is possible to arrange a meeting where they can choose the tooth colour as well as other personal prefrences, as functionality permits.

They can be removed whenever the patient wishes. The smile alterations are produced in a single morning session. The average lifespan of a composite veneer is around 10-15 years depending on the patient´s habits (tobacco, coffee, wine etc). The great advantage they offer is that they can be retouched; consequently, after some time has passed, one only has to remove the top coat and replace it with a new one.

Lumineer veneers offer a beautiful smile yet are the result of a simple and painless procedure. Using a patented technology, and more than 30 years experience, Luminereers have developed a very delicate ceramic veneer that is fixed over the teeth without needing any type of tooth grinding - producing a changed smile.

Lumineers are the ideal option for those patients looking for a minimally invasive treatment and long duration. Only Luminner-certified dentists can provide this type of treatment.

A simple, pain-free technique that brings whiteness back to you teeth. The existence of stains can be caused by drinking tea or coffee, by tobacco and also start to appear age.

Various teeth-whitening techniques exist, the best option being a technique wich combines Laser sessions at the clinic with whitening at home (over two to three weeks) using a made-to-measure cover that contains carbamide proxide.

The lips are often the centre of attention. Restylane (lip filling with hyaluronic acid) can increase lip volume, enhance their profile or define the Cupid´s bow in a natural way.

Restylane can improve your smile using lip volume augmentation, defining the lip profile, correcting the marionette lines that make the mouth tend to drop downwards.

Lip filling with hyaluronic acid is carried out in a single session using a local anaesthetic (the same as is given for teeth fillings). It is totally pain-free. On some occasions a small retouching session is needed after two or three weeks to improve the final details.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our bodies. The filling remains in the body for 7 to 12 months. Therefore, you can repeat the process as you wish. Should you require more information about this novel treatment, ask our team and they will be delighted to help you.